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My name is Tjaša Skubic and I’m a pole dancer and kinesiologist from Slovenia. My biggest passion is being a pole instructor and flexibility trainer. I love sharing my skills on and off the pole with my students. Today’s easy access to the Internet allows me to share my sports knowledge with people from all over the world. In my pole, flexibility and strength tutorials and monthly programs, I disclose all the hidden tricks behind my Instagram videos that help me achieve smooth transitions and make hard pole and yoga poses look easy. 


My Story

I first started attending pole dance classes when I was 16 years old (in September 2013) and had been visiting them for 3 years, 2-3 times a week before I started training by myself. I have a gymnastic background which made my progress faster. For many years I’ve been self-taught, but because there are many tricks that are hard to achieve on your own without a trainer, I started attending different workshops and pole camps all around Europe and had a chance to learn from the best pole dancers in the world (such as Anastasia Skukhtorova, Marion Crampe, Sarah Scott, Bendy Kate, Anastasia Sokolova, Carly Jane Child, Dimitry Politov, Kenneth Kao, Nadia Sharif and many more). My pole knowledge is expanding day by day and I always strive to meet new people in the pole community and learn something new. What differentiates me from others is that I incorporate dance into my pole routines. Rather than performing tricks on the pole, I love to dance on and off the pole, exploring different moves – I am trying to combine lyrical, contemporary, and exotic pole dancing with pole sport. From 2017 to 2020 I studied Kinesiology at the Faculty of Sports and I finished my studies with a diploma in September 2020. When teaching, I always incorporate my sports and movement knowledge from other fields to pole dance. With understanding how the human body functions, I am helping people get more strong and flexible.

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Summer Fit & Flexy Program

A monthly program to improve strength and flexibility for everyone. All levels welcome. Come train with me from anywhere – from the comfort of your home or on vacation by joining my Summer Fit & Flexy Program.


Tjaša's Pole Academy - Conditioning

In my pole program Pole Conditioning we will work on specific strength and flexibility for pole. If you are struggling with achieving new tricks and combos on the pole because you lack strength and flexibility, then this is the right program for you.


Tjaša's Beginner Pole Academy

In Tjaša’s Beginner Pole Academy you will learn new tricks, combos and transitions on static and spinning pole. We are starting with fundamentals, so the program is appropriate for complete beginners.


Tjaša's Pole Academy - Choreography

In Tjaša’s Pole Academy – Choreography progam you will learn 4 different choreographies. This program is appropriate for intermediate to advanced level students who want to include some dance moves and longer pole combos in their pole practice.

Get my Tutorials

In my tutorials, I disclose all the hidden tricks behind my Instagram videos that help me achieve smooth transitions and make hard tricks look easy.

You don’t have access to pole, but still want to train from home? Don’t worry, I got you covered! Get my no-equipment strength and flexibility tutorials.

Zorya Wear

With a sports / pole dance mindset, I created a pole wear clothing line that withstands elements, provides elegance and performance.

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