About My Fit & Flexy Program

Fit & Flexy Program is a monthly workout program for everyone. If your goal is to become more strong, flexible  and overall more confident in your movement, this is a chance for you to reach your full body’s potential.

The program starts on April 1st and ends on April 30th. In this program you will get 20 follow-along trainings.

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When you purchase the program, you should go follow @fitandflexyprogram2 on Instagram. I will accept you in the closed group when I see your IG username in the email, so it is very important that you write the right username and that you follow me from the written profile and not any other account.

In this Instagram group you will get access to 20 pre-recorded follow-along classes. Each class contains strength and flexibility exercises. To be more exact, you will get 4 classes of legs & booty strength in a combination with middle splits, 4 classes of upper body strength + backbends, 4 classes of cardio + full body stretch, 4 classes of core strength + front splits and 4 classes of full body strength + flexibility.

Each training is 40 minutes long and we always start with a good warm up. You will have access to all classes until April 30th.

If you will have any questions,  you can always send me a direct message I will reply to you as soon as possible.

For the workouts you will need a workout mat, a chair, access to a wall and a towel. If you have some yoga blocks at home, you can use them for some exercises, but they are not necessary to join the program (as an alternative you can use thick books). For some classes you will need to wear socks or use two pieces of paper as sliders.

Please note that the training in this program are the same ones as in January.

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I am always open for any questions regarding training. Send me a direct message on Instagram or send an email to [email protected]

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